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Living Eternally in a Material World

Sunday, February 05, 2012
Teacher: Tom Craig
Passage: Job 31:24-28
Duration:37 mins 9 secs
Pastor Tom Craig - Sunday Evening - Randy Alcorn challenges you and I concerning our approach to living immaterially in a material world, in his book, Money, Possessions and Eternity: Financial planners tell us, "When it comes to you money, don't think just three months or three years ahead. Think thirty years ahead." Christ, the ultimate investment counselor, takes it further. He says, "Don't ask how your investment will be paying off in just thirty years. Ask how it will be paying off in thirty million years." He goes on also to say this in a quote from Richard Halverson: "Jesus Christ said more about money than about any other single thing because, when it comes to a man's real nature, money is of first importance. Money is an exact index to a man's true character. All through Scripture there is an intimate correlation between the development of a man's character and how he handles his money." Just how do we live in the responsibilities of the moment with our money, while actively giving to the eternal? Job shares his approach in his list of own personal resolutions in the middle of Job 31.

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