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"I Resolve" - Job, part 7

Sunday, March 04, 2012
Teacher: Tom Craig
Passage: Job 31:31-34
Duration:45 mins 6 secs
Pastor Tom Craig - Sunday Morning Worship - "I will confess my sin" - Job. We can learn much from a man like Job. Just when you think his life has challenged you and inspired you to attain a walk with your Lord just as he experienced, the Bible reveals a little more of his life testimony. In today's text, Job vows an oath, not to ever sin, but rather never to cover his sin. Job traces this sin tendency to cover his sin all the way back to Adam. Man always struggled with the tendency to cover our sin and save face. Adam struggled, Job struggled, and you and I struggle. Today we will learn from Job, NOT "how to be perfect", but "what to do with ourselves when we have sinned"

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