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"I Resolve" - Job part 5

Sunday, February 05, 2012
Teacher: Tom Craig
Passage: Job 31:16-23
Duration:56 mins 14 secs
Pastor Tom Craig - Sunday Morning Worship - Do you keep a working network of poor, lonely, widowed, fatherless, sick, home-bound, people with whom you weekly serve and give portions of your life and income to? John Wesley was a well known preacher in the 18th century. He is appreciated for his opposition to slavery, his open air preaching, his work in inspiring and training preachers. He is also appreciated for the way he gave much of his income to help the less fortunate. He served in many charities, gave himself to work in orphanages, ministered to the sick. His own personal driving theme toward the less fortunate was this: "Put yourself in the place of every poor man and deal with him as you would have God deal with you." Job felt much the same way, and his feeling was turned into action. What is your feeling and what are your actions toward the poor, widowed, fatherless, sick, home-bound?

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