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For unto us...our Wonderful Counselor

Sunday, December 04, 2011
Teacher: Tom Craig
Passage: Isaiah 9:6
Duration:47 mins 34 secs
Pastor Tom Craig - Sunday Morning Worship - God wants me to know Him as my personal and the world’s own global counselor. What makes a good counselor? He is instructive…His counsel comes from perfect principles, it is penetrating/practical, and it is empowering…this is a wonderful counselor. He is Inspiring…listen to the most incredibly inspiring things this wonderful counselor says: “life…life more abundant”…”you will never more grope in darkness”…”you will never more hunger or thirst for life”…”go, and sin no more.” He is Interested…this book we hold in our hands…this wonderful appearing of the immeasurable, infinite, omnipotent God in a baby-form speaks to me of a God that wants to present himself, to come near to me…He wants to be real to me, he wants to reveal himself to me, he wants to offer a relationship…how wonderful is this counselor!

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