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For unto us...our Mighty God

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Teacher: Tom Craig
Passage: Isaiah 9:6
Duration:40 mins 22 secs
Pastor Tom Craig - Sunday Morning Worship - The power we desperately crave for life is found in the person of Jesus Christ. There is something inside all of us that craves power & might. We want more, more, more power. Our cameras cannot have enough mega-pixels. Even the term, “MEGApixel” is trying to say, “POWER”. Our laptops cannot have enough ram or enough processing speed. We want bigger…bigger tv’s, bigger sound from our entertainment-mega-surround sound-man-cave system! We want a car that goes 0-60 faster while getting 60 miles to the gallon. It is ironic that all while craving more power, we are powerless in the most important things in life: we crave empowerment to have meaningful relationships, we clamor for power over our enslaving sin-habits, we need power to change the pitfalls of our character, empowerment to affect our culture, empowerment to make a better world…we yearn for power in the most important things, but can only seem to supply it in the least important things. Our God cries out to a planet yearning for power, “I am the Mighty God that you desperately need yet stubbornly ignore."

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